1) Virtual meetings aren't for routine updates: Use your virtual meetings for decision making or the exchange of ideas instead of routine status updates.

2) No mute, no multitasking: People split their attention and multitask when they're on mute - you'll get better engagement if you keep everyone's microphone (and focus) active. (Works best for meetings of up to 20 people; exceptions can be made for those in a noisy environment.)

3) Create "water cooler" moments: Invite your virtual teammates to join you for lunch in your online meeting room for informal, relationship-building interaction.

4) Create a virtual open-door policy: Make time every week where colleagues can informally poke their head into your office via a web conference to address any issues or questions that crop up.

5) Be suspicious of silence: If you hear crickets during a virtual meeting, don't be afraid to ask what the silence is all about. Don't mistake silence for agreement and understanding!

Courses include:

How to Optimize Virtual Team Meetings

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Develop the skills to effectively facilitate a virtual team meeting
  • Apply 10 techniques to improve virtual meetings
  • Know how to address the challenges of holding effective virtual meetings

Setting the Ground Work: Managing Teams with Virtual Employees

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Identify and understand the two elements that make a virtual team successful
  • List ways to build trust and camaraderie in a virtual environment
  • Discuss how to build reliability and accountability in a virtual environment
  • Define current processes and brainstorm ways to do it virtually

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